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Ruth Smith utilises the frequency of love to support healing on all levels, including emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. This healing frequency is available to and present in everyone.

Healing through love is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and your life.

Everyone can benefit from a supportive healing.

Ask yourself....

Is there conflict in my life?
Am I stressed, depressed or suicidal?
Do I feel lost, empty or alone?
Are my relationships working?
Am I satisfied with my work?
Is addiction controlling my life?
Am I living with injury, illness or disease?
Do I lack direction? Am I getting nowhere fast?

Experience a change for yourself through a healing with Ruth Smith.

Whether you are aware of it or not, everything you experience during your life programs and impacts the way you think, feel and respond. Often you are unable to change your patterns of behaviour due to deep subconscious programming from your past. No matter how hard you try you become a magnet, attracting more of the same over and over again. As a child you learnt to deal with your life the best way you could. You continued to grow and build on your initial responses until you were unable to distinguish between the choices you made as a child and those that would serve you better today.

Frequency healing allows your deep subconscious to access the original emotions and responses that may have created limiting patterns or programs in your life. Only you know what has taken place in your life and so the healing takes place within you. Your deep subconscious chooses what is released and healed. It is not necessary for you to remember specific events at the conscious level. As your past heals and you release limiting beliefs and patterns you are free to connect to your true self.

As you heal yourself, your life and the choices you make for yourself will change. You may become more aware of yourself and your responses. Situations that once bothered, angered or upset you no longer hold the same charge of emotion. You may notice you are able to respond in new ways and are less likely to react. You may experience a deeper connection with your own innate knowing. You may become more aware of your physical body and want to take better care of yourself. You may develop a greater understanding and acceptance of your life journey. People who are close to you may comment on the difference they see in you. They too may benefit from your healing and begin their own healing process.

Regardless of where you are in the world you can connect with Ruth Smith via phone, email or in person. You choose the area of your life that you would like your healing to focus on and the healing will take place. The frequency and interconnectedness of all things through love facilitates your healing and this will take place anywhere, anytime, awake or asleep.
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"This healing is a gift you are giving to yourself.
I am continually blessed to see and experience the wonderful healing people are choosing for themselves."
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